by Fred Bau

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This one is for James Douglas Morrison, & of course, The Doors.


released September 14, 2016

Loudly : original compositions on "Tale1" & "Tale 4" (www.soun-music.com/membre/Loudly)
Whersmydope : original compositions on "Tale 2" & "Tale 3"(http://artiste.soun-music.com/marine23)
Fred Bau : remix, progressive arrangement, guitar, lyrics, vocal
Matthew Sear : guitar on "Crossroads Jam"
Alain Chiarazzo : guitar solo on "Tale 2"
Mark London : guitar solo on "Tale 4"

Cover artwork : Fred Bau




Audioway Species France

Fred Bau : www.bau-fred.com

The Spherics Members:
Joe Lythgoe : soundcloud.com/dynamo-snackbar
Ray Wilson : soundcloud.com/raymond2wilson

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Track Name: Tale 1
An echo from nowhere
Now Here
Circles of birth, overtones
& death arise
like a strange outbreak
It could be him
It could be her
It blares
faraway breathe without name
by far
so far
so close

An echo from nowhere now here (x2)

It's already here, before us, isn't it?
With magic androgenius dance of silence

We don't know what is first
We don't know if first has ever been
& each time we really try to soar
we have to fall
Hey rhythm take us away!

& we call the call yesterday
& we call the call yesteryear

It is when & then
Still here
Already else
Big troubles of time give us
dream's fervor & world's fever

& we call the call yesterday
& we call the call (x3) yesternight

Mother? Father? Brother? Sister?
Mother? Father?



Power _ we miss the first keynote

To come alive

Prodigy of pleasure
Prodigy of pain
Things & Think
Heart & Earth
Sun & Moon
Night & Days (x2)

From wine to cave
some vines rave
while others turn vinegar

To come alive _ we miss the first kiss
To come alive _ we exist without exit

Track Name: Tale 2
The female wolf takes the pack's murder
& tends it gently to--wards young wolf
Misery mystery (x3)

A fire on a beach

Eternal moon & crossroad's winds
The moon is a strange face
& sun is a strange beast

Their mouths get flamboyant kisses
& their hypnotic teeth eat meat
& hit beat

Handful of lachrymose shouts
sadness & madness are falling in love
like the eyes of pure joy on vain joy's faces

A fire on a beach
A silken dress in flames
wearing by wearing night
while darkness waves dance around light

The muffler hush smolders
in melody smooching
& songs are appearing
talking about disappearing people

All the sensual chromaticisms are together
rising growing
this is our secret flower

Schools are scrolling coming from going to (x2)

Dream's connections are dark
The deep dynamic is fusion

Magic gift of inspiration
we don't create you
Magic gift of in(spy)ration
you are creating us

It can be so beautiful inside our empty hands
with noise & silence giving us a place
where dancing together _ right now

It gets our full time to live & die
It gives us time to cross the time
It gets our full time to live & die
It gives us time to cross the time

& while we try to imagine the end
She won't stop at this beginning
It's always time to dance under
immaculate stars
everywhere _ right now

It can be so beautiful
"It cans" is
It can be so beautiful
"it cans" is

We are gonna to die darling
I love this curse

A fire on a beach
where finding sweet home
or having shipwreck

We get the same bed
where talking about slumber
& walking
where are walking our dreams

A fire (...) shipwreck

We get the same bed
Where our smells blend together
& disappear into some bends

A fire on a beach (x3)

Insect & flame
who fall in love
nobody can save them
Jewels of instant
their common dance burns one an other

We are gonna to die darling
I love this curse

We will get different tombs.

Track Name: Tale 3
Idea's birth in the idea of birth
Life of idea in the idea of death
The newcome is already oldgone
So listen out for

During childhood
Sunday is blessed
& all the clouds are allowed
inside virgin cruel play

The games rise
almost naturally
with bans & breach of

The weeks go fast

But laws are slow
& myths deficient
to resord barbarity
_do you remember this girl? Her name was Barbara

Bother brothers
Dancing & weapons
We plait & weave our own rigs
We build & ruin our own rings

Residual pornography of eternity _ Toonight
We ride the lovers & killers cohorts _ Toondays
& after the call of nature
& limb of masters _ Cloudays
There's still us both
during breast of beast of burden
Us both
Down _ Cloudnight

There's no more week
into the night
No more weekend
into the light

Some bodies used to say that
somebody will come to eat
with us during noon meal
_ Under trees near water

But it's now midnight
& no one is come

& we are still calling inside nebulous hall (x3)
_ Inside nebulous hall
Outside outside, so outside!

Whines & whips on the vines
the children run into dawndusk
with ivy on the names
the smog over the beach
& we play with meaning
as if all that
should mean something (x2)
We play with meaning
as if all that
should mean something (x2)

It's supposed to

Funk is good to jump inside
what we lose each time
we try to talk about it

Where do we come from?
Where does come from
night inside us?
Where does come from
light inside us?
Where do come from flowers?

Too much memory
Too much oblivion
Too much memories _ too much
Too much oblivions _ too much
Too much (x6) _ too late
Too much (x5) until not enough _ too soon

Where do we come from? (x2)

Where does come from
night inside us?
_ if we come from light.
Where does come from
light inside us?
_ if we come from night.
Where do come from
flowers outside us?

Flowers light & night say nothing at all
& we still dance & die
through instinctive maze

Track Name: Tale 4
When prehistoric men
painted inside deep caverns,
long time before
the birth of word,
their first priority wasn't
to determine who is right.

They just try to put some lights into night.

Blind Pathetic

We used to kiss an impossible kiss
We used to touch an impossible touch
We used to feel an impossible feeling

Humans, Gods, Earth & Heaven
have done their time under the sky
on this good old hell built
with our own hands

Blind Pathetic

We are so afraid, caught,
haunted by our myths

Does all this pain will get more meaning
than justify us in the meaning we give to it?

Where are our rests _ just some few bones
Now the feast is used up?

Where are our rests,
Now the rest is used up?

There's no more charms
than the music
to save us here

Ahahahahah crazy yeah crazy so crazy yeah
Do you know what i mean?
Yes sure

Blind Pathetic

We used to believe that doors
are solid intersections
between Inside & Outside

We used to believe that windows
are distinct mirrors between
Life & Death

Mirrors inside mirrors
Windows upon windows
Doors against doors
We used to go down the wrong path

like some little animals
Trapped, yeah
& still dreaming about our
misplaced souls

Going back to all
Going back into dark
Falling in the hall
Growing from his grounds
Calling into the call rolling into the ball
Building halls across the fall

And while all that we love
is already dust we know
We chew Orpheus bone
We look for breath

The keynote is alone

Strange & deep forest of fate
Strange & deep forest of taste
The sun's decree would have been discreet

The spirit of music, where issssssssShe?

Inside insect around flames?
In a desert noise?
In a whispered wish?
In a wet sex?
In a dry sigh?
In a red fruit?
Where where tell me tell me
Tell me where...

An echo from no where, now here (x4)

The fear of death to track a trace
is all the place of human race

Track Name: Oblivion
The Music's Mystery
What is it?
A mystery of earth?
A mystery of ear?



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