cUBIK sPHERES (EP version)

by The Spherics

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Feeling a bit like Joe Chip Not so young and not so hip Can’t quite nail down the feeling Layers of the mask start peeling Its all over for me and you Time is fragmenting What am I gonna do? Its all over All over for me and you Born in the Brixton sun The moon under water runs Deep in me like Animal Farm All are equal but some do more harm Down on Electric Avenue A Dansette plays the Blues Deep in me like Animal Farm The moon under water runs All are equal but some do more harm Down on Electric Avenue A Dansette plays, plays the Blues I can almost touch this girl She cannot hear me I am from another time I scream my warning And try to draw the line In the other worldly place I draw lines in the dust with my mind I leave the notes that I hope she will find I leave the notes That I hope she will find Look before its too late Pause for a second Won’t you wait I said, “Pause for a second, wait”
Have you seen the roses Now you are dead Have you the seen the roses Time to see them when you’re dead Seen the roses in my head I’ve got an irregular head That’s what I said Have you seen the roses in my head? I can’t stop thinking of a love so true You made a impression on me I drew a picture of you Now I can’t stop thinking Of a love that's true. I am easy to talk about I’ve got a very irregular head Have you seen the roses Seen the roses when your’e dead I could write a letter There’s a whole lot of colours In my head Have you seen roses? You made a impression on me I drew a picture of you Now I can’t stop thinking Of a love that's true. Can you help me with my life I am looking for someone to be my wife Can you help me with my mind I am going crazy, I am going blind
eLIXIR 06:49
My girl friend after sunrise Just dry skin and bone I shouldn't have stayed alive Should have spent the night alone You may have your own opinion Time changes me but can I change time? Maybe the chance has gone Looking for a reason I can't find Another stale cigarette  Another message I can't forget I gravitate between euphoria and insanity Don't waste the cUBIK I make this explicit One life, one chance, one shot Or a half life wasteland that time forgot The most powerful eLIXIR Efficacious in every case Increases your desire Holds your hair place Tunes out your worries Calms your fears Lifts up your Mojo Makes black dogs disappear Most advanced product of its kind Stops reality Makes you time blind May contain traces of amphetamine To mess with your mind
I don’t know how they lost him But they lost him An entirely new and different taste treat That’s waking up the world Wake up to uBIK and be wild Wild new uBIK salad dressing That’s waking up the world Wake up to uBIK And be wild I,m on top of the world with you Can this be true, If I could read your mind What would I understand What would I find Mick, Mick the money man Slaves of lunar understand Some say he's insane A perfect lunatic Yet there is money in his madness Other Worldly Mick Silent and impressive All electric hired limousine It's electrifying and terrifying The energy you're supplying If I could read your mind Would I understand what I would find You can change the future I cannot remember the past Within revolutions of the spheres Merely seconds or maybe years The truth will come to us at last I will try to make each brick fit, Though, It's scope is beyond my wit
Shadows 07:22
Look into shadows and what do you see See all those pictures coming right back at me. This glimpse behind the veil Into insignificance all will pale Slaves forever in a dark night Relentless toil is our plight This cannot be  Our future or history If there is not hope If there is not love How could we ever cope With destiny scattered from above Just a few words, ups a daisy Nice and slow There we go  Happy Slapper if you need to know You are wanted in Zurich for stealing futures Poscred on dollars for front end loaders Swindlers and bulldozers Aliases as long as your arm Big man with little charm On Lunar otherwise known as Mick Metal Mick a raving lunatic Selling worthless mining leases Hey Man cut the expletives Are you never ashamed Is it that easy to off load the blame


Tribute to Philip K Dick

This is an heavyblues EP version of the concept album cUBIK sPHERES still in work progress. Done for those who are allergic to concept album.

"Dansette Plays the Blues (extended version)" & "Black Bottom Cat on Snow (short version)" will be available as bonus tracks on the LP.

Bonus track : "sPHERES" (electro tribute to Miss Johanna M. Beyer)

Dedication : "Wake UP to uBIK _ Mick the money man" is dedicated to Alain Chiarazzo and his bands Eclat, and Telescope Road.

Special thanx to Christophe, from Pneumatic Head Compressor, for his advises about mix.



released November 20, 2018

The Spherics are :

Ray Wilson : lyrics, vocals
Joe Lythgoe : drums programming
Fred Bau : composition, arrangement, guitars, bass, mix, mastering


Neon Groover, Rasputin 1963, Fayz, Eshar : vocals on "Shadows"

Cover Artwork : Ellie Wilson




Audioway Species France

Fred Bau :

The Spherics Members:
Joe Lythgoe :
Ray Wilson :

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